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Free File Hosts!
July 27, 2007, 5:40 am
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Free file host such as megaupload and rapidshare-Take it-

-Take it-

..Hmm I don’t have that much time to post I’ll edit this post later!


July 27, 2007, 5:29 am
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For my very first post here on my blog,I’m write about Yahoo!


Is a good mail/chat/messenger/group well Yahoo! have alot of  things you can do.

anyway to get to the main point why,I’m  writing about Yahoo!

I’ve seen many people at Yahoo! talking about “Yahoo sucks,I’m not using it anymore”

or something like that,If they don’t “LIKE” Yahoo! why do they say they’re going to leave Yahoo! and four / six days later they come back?

I think it’s because the staff at Yahoo! will change the things that they wont but they wont.. anyway no one really get what I mean by that anyway…

I’ll edit that post when I have time!  for now let’s chat about something else.


Things you can do to help Yahoo!

The chat at Yahoo! have too many bots you can always PM the bot “DON’T TYPE IN ANYTHING,just ignore>report as spam and Yahoo! will take care of the other parts.

That’s it about the chat today!’


Things to help people with Yahoo! mail..

Signed up for too much things and getting to much spam?

alright go to Options>Spam Protection>Immediately delete these messages upon receipt>If you don’t want that just change the date… and go to continue.

Anyways… that’s all about Yahoo! for now I’ll fix this post when I have time I have other things to post besides Yahoo! today,I’ll be seeing you all.